Power Convenience Efficiency DEZAir crawl space dehumidification system

The DezAir™ Crawl Space Dehumidifier System

Product Features
  • A Powerful 300 CFM Fan
  • Up To 109 Pints/Day Removed
  • ENERGY STAR® Rated
  • Automatic; Turns Itself On and Off
  • Self-Draining; No Trays To Empty
  • Includes A MERV-11 Air Filter
  • ... And Much More!

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Dirt crawl spaces can be a real problem! These crawl spaces (and many others!) suffer from severe moisture and humidity issues -- and the resulting damage from mold and rot can be very severe!

Stop Mold And Rot In Its Tracks!

The formula for mold, rot, and other fungi includes temperatures of at least 40°F, organic material to eat, and a relative humidity level of at least 60%.

The temperatures in the crawl space will almost always be above 40F, and there will always be dirt, wood, and other organic materials in the space for mold to eat. The only practical, effective way to control the problem is with a powerful, effective crawl space dehumidifier!

Installing A DezAir Dehumidifier In Your Crawl Space

When it comes to drying out a damp crawl space, a standard box store dehumidifier simply won't cut it. You need a system that's powerful, efficient, and custom-engineered to do the job right!

The DezAir Dehumidifier System is custom-made for the humid, cool, low-ceiling environment in a crawl space. Its innovative design minimizes the necessary maintenance, maximizes energy efficiency, and is powerful enough to keep your crawl space dry, healthy, and maintained for many years to come! You'll love what this cutting-edge system can do for you!